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"We owe it to those who came before us to use this hard-fought right to vote, to make our voices heard."

WE got NEXT! VOTE 2020

In less than two weeks, our nation will take a historic vote that will determine our destiny. Your voice and your vote matter now, more than ever. During this pivotal moment in time, NEXT is joining forces with some of Atlanta’s leading creatives  – including writers, musicians, and visual artists — to celebrate our right to vote and our responsibility to make our voices heard by casting an early ballot, or going to the polls on Election Day.

You’ll hear from poet, author and storyteller Jon Goode, theater actress Isa Miles, playwright and author Michael Molina, singer, songwriter Brenda Nicol Moorer, and author and sculptor Michael C. Robinson.

We hope the powerful words, stories and images of these artists will empower and energize you in the days ahead to make your voice heard in this election. We also hope you’ll be inspired to share their messages with your friends and family — and encourage them to do the same.

As part of our We Got NEXT! Vote 2020 initiative, we’ve also partnered with local civic organization, BTheNow, to support their digital campaign to equip voters with the information they need to ensure every vote is counted and every voice is heard. 

Want to get involved?

You can visit to check your registration status, request an absentee ballot, volunteer on or before election day, or download their voting toolkit. 

Want to spread the word? Be sure to check out the NEXT social media GOTV memes featuring several Atlanta’s artists and share far and wide! This election is about you! Use your vote and use your voice! 

At NEXT, we are about more than art for art’s sake. At NEXT, we believe that together we can use our individual creative expression to find solutions to our community’s intractable social challenges. Through our talents and our passion, NEXT unleashes the potential of creative communities in order to inspire countless others who share our vision to get involved.