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"I’m optimistic that we will use our collective power this election to do what’s right."

Brenda Nicole Moorer – Singer, Songwriter, Actress

A professional vocalist since the age of 16, Brenda Nicole Moorer came to wider acclaim in 2015, after releasing her jazz influenced EP “For Lovers & Believers.” Moorer has been selected as the winner of Creative Loafing’s Best Soul & Jazz vocalist award, the National Black Arts Festival NEXT UP award for music, was featured in Ebony Magazine as “One to Watch” and has headlined on major stages including the Atlanta and Capital Jazz Festivals, and the High Museum of Art.

A working actress, she recently landed the role of Brenda Franklin in the official biopic of Aretha Franklin “RESPECT.” And as if that wasn’t enough, she is the Founder and Artistic Director of Touch X Agree – a non-profit organization dedicated to creating space for emerging musicians.

In her latest musical endeavor, a collaborative concept jazz record entitled “MARROW”, – the Atlanta based artist dreams up a sound fusion of jazz, folk, and chamber.  The album is under consideration for a Grammy.


Why is it critical that we use our right to vote?

Our entire government is based on the voice of the people. So if you don’t vote, if you don’t use our voice – you will still have to live with the consequences of whatever happens. Whether you choose to use your voice or not — the outcome will still affect your life. Even if you feel like these are discouraging times. Even if you find yourself thinking that there is no point or that there is no hope. The point is this – simply – whether you vote or not – the results still affect your life. So use your voice. Vote!

In your opinion, are the stakes particularly high for this election? If yes, why? If no, why not?

This is absolutely a critical election. I had a very wise friend who said that this year 2020 is like the greatest hits of America. It’s as if all of our history, all of our terrible decisions, all of America’s sins are coming back to us, coming to fruition. Issues related to Black lives, to the environment, to our health are all coming back to haunt us right now. 


But right now, is also the time that we can change this. We need to elect someone who can start to point us in the right direction. I think there is a candidate that can do that. And I think there is a candidate that cannot, that would not do that. And I think that we need to definitely use our voices to realize this change. The reality is that what happens with this election is not just going to determine just the next four years, but it will have a lasting impact on our lives and on our children’s lives. 

What do you say to people who say, the system is rigged, our vote won’t matter?

If you live in America you’re going to be affected. Unless you go to choose to live in the woods, off the grid somewhere, fetching your own water [laughs] and living some autonomous life — you’re going to be affected. You live in this country and so the outcome of these elections affects you whether you think your voice counts or not. It can seem at times, that one single vote doesn’t count, when you consider that we are talking about millions of votes. But it takes millions of individual votes, just like yours, to add up to those millions. You count. You do matter. The big picture encompasses all of us. It takes all of us to achieve our end goal. We’re fortunate enough to live in a democracy where you can have your voice heard – so you should use that right. It does matter. 

What do you think artists can do to inspire others to do their civic duty and vote?

I think it was Nina Simone that said an artist’s job is to reflect the times. I think that’s true. We, as artists, are having a human experience the same way everyone else is. But what makes us artists is that we take those experiences and those feelings and put them into our craft. And by virtue of sharing it , it helps other people to relate and it creates understanding and it creates a connection. And that shared connection is what brings us peace, and clarity and even joy. We can use that connection to reach people for efforts like this – to encourage people to do their part and use their voice. And similarly, we can speak up about issues like the right to vote in ways that truly resonate and reach those that need to hear this message. I think artists play a critical role in helping to transform our world. I for one don’t know what the world would be without it.   

Want to get involved?

As part of our We Got NEXT! Vote 2020 initiative, NEXT-Atlanta has partnered with local civic organization BTheNow to support their digital campaign to equip voters with the information they need to ensure everyone’s voice is heard this election!  Visit  their website here to check your registration status, request an absentee ballot, volunteer, or download the voting toolkit.

Want to spread the word? Be sure to check out the NEXT social media Get Out the Vote library featuring empowering messages and images from several Atlanta artists — and share far and wide! This election is all about you! Use your vote and use your voice!

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