Next in Action

NEXT is about more than art for art’s sake. At NEXT, we believe that together we can use our individual creative expression to find solutions to our community’s intractable social challenges. Through our talents and our passion, NEXT unleashes the potential of creative communities in order to inspire countless others who share our vision to […]

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To submit your idea for who you think should be the “NEXT big thing”, email us at Notice: JavaScript is required for this content.

Thanks to our sponsors

Thank you to our wonderful sponsors! We extend our sincere appreciation to our sponsors, without whom NEXT and the work we do to elevate emerging artists and our communities would not be possible.

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At NEXT, we are harnessing the passions of a city’s most groundbreaking and influential artists, cultural enthusiasts and community leaders – to create a renaissance of art and a real force for positive social change in our community. As a sponsor of NEXT… you have the opportunity to: market your brand to the more than […]

Next 2019 Artist

ANGELA DAVIS JOHNSON Informed by the wisdom of the matriarchs in her family, Angela Davis Johnson creates paintings, sculptures, installations, and ritual performances to examine and archive the technologies of black folks. Merging art into a contemplative practice she embodies Live Dreaming – a process of deep listening, imagining, constructing, and recording personal + community […]

NEXT Alumni

At NEXT…we showcase four amazing artists every season…artists on the brink of stardomARTIST: BRENDA NICOLE MOORER Bio: Brenda Nicole Moorer encompasses folk writing with a soulful sound, using what she learns about life to tell a story and promote a message. With the February 2014 release of her follow up cd “For Lovers & Believers,” […]

The Salon

NEXT: The Salon is a series of quarterly genre-blending performances showcasing the hottest and brightest stars in the visual, literary, spoken word and musical arts – those right on the cusp of stardom.  But NEXT is more than art for art’s sake. This interactive event aims to use creative expression to find solutions to society’s most […]


NBAF REIMAGINED Join us this week as we interview Faith Carmichael. Ms Carmichael is the co-founder of Next ATLANTA which showcases the hottest & brightest stars–visual, musical and literary–and aims to galvanize our city’s creative class into a potent force for change.WATCH NOW CREATIVE LOAFING I swear I’m not making this up: There is culture […]

History and Mission

HISTORY NEXT is unabashedly inspired by the Harlem Renaissance, a period of stunning cultural and social upheaval from 1920 to 1930 that took root in New York and then spread around the world. The artists who flourished during that era remain among the most venerated cultural icons in American history: Louis Armstrong, Eubie Blake, Fats Waller, Billie Holiday, Langston […]