NEXT is the brainchild of a group of Atlanta artists and activists who seek to launch a movement that galvanizes members of the city’s creative class into a potent force for change. In partnership with the National Black Arts Festival, NEXT is host to quarterly salons and a documentary series showcasing the hottest and brightest stars of the city.


  • A stage: your front row seat to the city's hottest, aspiring new artists on the brink of stardom.

  • An exchange: an opportunity to connect and build bridges with artists, agitators and art patrons in a way that propels you to your next level

  • A salon: a real-time interactive gathering of the city's top artists and thinkers, changing the world through art, conversation and action.

  • A movement: today's Harlem renaissance – be a part of today's re-surgence of urban artistic expression at the crossroads of culture, identity and community


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